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My Plant of the Month series.
    Every month I choose a plant or group of related plants to feature. Then I write about it and illustrate it. The goal is to share what I know. There is no plan to limit the content to a narrow focus, so the articles will include both garden or cultivated species and wild ones.
    If any reader desires to suggest that I treat a certain plant, feel free to contact me. Also, should I write anything that is in need of clarification, or is thought incorrect, please let me know.
    NOTE: While updating my Trees of Seattle book, I had no time for additional Plant of the Month articles. Hence the gap in 2005. Also July 2008 is skipped because I used that month to write a newsletter. June 2011 found me too busy. The absence of November 2011 has no excuse.

May 2024; Climbing Fern ; Stenochlæna palustris

April 2024; The real Deadly Nightshade ; Atropa Bella-donna

March 2024; Hackberry trees in Seattle ; Celtis

February 2024; Amaryllis and kin

January 2024; Smelling Trees

December 2023; Dischidia Plants ; Dischidia spp.

November 2023; Taiwan Rice-paper Plant ; Tetrapanax papyrifer

October 2023; Sunflower relatives in gardens

September 2023; Green Hawthorn ; Cratægus viridis

August 2023; Vineleaf Pelargonium ; Pelargonium lobatum

July 2023; Nests

June 2023; Medinilla ; Medinilla

May 2023; Birdnest or Tamarisk Cypress ; Chamæcyparis Lawsoniana 'Tamariscifolia'

April 2023; 20 plants wild in cracks of Seattle photographed

March 2023; Tobacco ; Nicotiana

February 2023; Parsnip ; Pastinaca sativa

January 2023; Salad Peperomia ; Peperomia pellucida

December 2022; My 2022 year as shown in 12 photographs by ALJ

November 2022; Knobcone Pine ; Pinus attenuata

October 2022; Buckeye trees in Seattle ; Æsculus

September 2022; Giant Chain-fern ; Woodwardia fimbriata

August 2022; Rabbit's-foot Fern ; Phlebodium aureum

July 2022; Chinese Toon ; Toona sinensis

June 2022; Ghost Dogwood ; Cornus Wilsoniana

May 2022; Potato ; Solanum tuberosum

April 2022; Chinese Ground-Orchid ; Bletilla striata

March 2022; Sorting Seattle Willow trees

February 2022; Seattle native Thistle mixup ; Cirsium brevistylum and Cirsium edule

January 2022; Cabbage on a Stick ; Brighamia insignis

December 2021; Neotropical Sorrel ; Monolena primuliflora (primulæflora)

November 2021; Edible Hibiscus ; Hibiscus Manihot

October 2021; Montezuma Pine ; Pinus Montezumæ

September 2021; Seasonal changes in a Seattle garden

August 2021; Crêpe Myrtle; Lagerstrœmia

July 2021; Pacific Crabapple ; Malus fusca

June 2021; Black Poplar ; Populus nigra

May 2021; Goldenchain Tree ; Laburnum anagyroides

April 2021; Water-Celery ; Œnanthe

March 2021; An extremely rare Hawthorn in Seattle ; Cratægus lævigata

February 2021; Hebe ; Hebe

January 2021; Lettuce Tree ; Pisonia grandis 'Alba'

December 2020; Asian Spindletree ; Euonymus Hamiltonianus

November 2020; Chinaberry Tree ; Melia Azedarach

October 2020; White Chilean Myrtle ; Luma Chequen

September 2020; Variegated Birdcatcher Tree ; Pisonia Brunoniana 'Variegata'

August 2020; Mayten Tree ; Maytenus Boaria

July 2020; The original Himalaya Blackberry ; Rubus armeniacus

June 2020; Marsh Bedstraw ; Galium palustre

May 2020; Snake Plant ; Sansevieria trifasciata

April 2020; Western Mayhaw ; Cratægus opaca

March 2020; Wax Plant ; Hoya

February 2020; Chinese Evergreen ; Aglaonema

January 2020; African Violet ; Saintpaulia ionantha

December 2019; Pellitory-of-the-Wall ; Parietaria judaica

November 2019; Seattle epiphytic plant photos by ALJ

October 2019; Katuk ; Sauropus androgynus

September 2019; Red Lantern-tree ; Crinodendron Hookerianum

August 2019; plant disease and insect photos by ALJ

July 2019; My Three Favorite Thymes

June 2019; 70 plants in ALJ apartment

May 2019; Cotoneaster

April 2019; 20 Montlake Trees

March 2019; Sissoo Spinach ; Alternanthera ficoidea 'Sissoo'

February 2019; Sugar Cane houseplant ; Saccharum officinarum

January 2019; Cottonwoods in Seattle

December 2018; Gerbera Daisy ; Gerbera

November 2018; Brief notes on Viburnum ; Viburnum

October 2018; Blue Angel's-Trumpet. Miniature Angel's-Trumpet ; Iochroma australe

September 2018; Handflower Tree ; Chiranthodendron pentadactylon

August 2018; Jacqueline Hillier Elm

July 2018; "trunk" photos by ALJ

June 2018; Robinson Crusoe Tree Cabbage ; Sonchus brassicifolius = Dendroseris litoralis

May 2018; Chilean Bridal Wreath or Wedding Flower ; Francoa sonchifolia

April 2018; Heaths and Heather ; Calluna and Erica

March 2018; Jewel Orchid ; Ludisia discolor

February 2018; "urban ecology" photos by ALJ

January 2018; beyond the common peanut ; Arachis spp.

December 2017; Chaste Tree ; Vitex Agnus-castus

November 2017; Shoo-Fly Plant or Apple of Peru; Nicandra physalodes

October 2017; Seattle fall color in 10 photographs

September 2017; Tropical Giant Salvia or Sage; Brillantaisia owariensis

August 2017; Mitre Vine; Mitraria coccinea

July 2017; 18 fruits in my garden in July, photographed

June 2017; Rose of Jericho; Anastatica hierochuntica

May 2017; Hosta Sieboldiana

April 2017; Prunus seedlings photographed

March 2017; My March in 10 photographs

February 2017; Dumb Cane; Dieffenbachia Sequine

January 2017; June Plum; Spondias dulcis

December 2016; Mexican Orange; Choisya ternata

November 2016; Floriferous November in Seattle

October 2016; Red Oak; Quercus rubra

September 2016; Dwarf Cardamom; Alpinia Zerumbet

August 2016; Ephedra; Ephedra distachya

July 2016; South American Iris; Phalocallis cœlestis

June 2016; Snail-Flower Vines

May 2016; Shoebutton; Ardisia elliptica

April 2016; Polka-dot Plant; Hypoëstes phyllostachya

March 2016; Catalina Ironwood; Lyonothamnus floribundus

February 2016; Snowdrops; Galanthus

January 2016; Australian Sarsaparilla; Hardenbergia violacea

December 2015; Spiny Hibiscus; Wercklea ferox

November 2015; the true identity of Schefflera "brevipedunculata"

October 2015; edible Clematis spp.

September 2015; Chili Peppers in Seattle; Capsicum spp.

August 2015; Firecracker Vine; Manettia

July 2015; Crimson Flag; Hesperantha coccinea

June 2015; Parasol-leaf Tree; Macaranga grandifolia

May 2015; Caricature Plant; Graptophyllum pictum

April 2015; Lily of the Valley; Convallaria

March 2015; Winged Spindletree; Euonymus alatus

February 2015; Periwinkle; Vinca

January 2015; Solanum Nightshades in general

December 2014; Edible Poinsettia

November 2014; Garlic Vines; Mansoa

October 2014; hybrid Black Walnut trees; Juglans

September 2014; Jaborosa; Jaborosa sativa

August 2014; Italian Arum; Arum italicum

July 2014; Sea Rocket; Cakile species

June 2014; edible Mahonia

May 2014; edible Ficus leaves

April 2014; Japan Laurel; Aucuba japonica

March 2014; Schmidt's Begonia; Begonia subvillosa

February 2014; Mulberry Weed; Fatoua villosa

January 2014; Yellow Oleander; Thevetia peruviana

December 2013; Bougainvillea houseplant usage and edibility

November 2013; Pleione houseplant usage and edibility

October 2013; Crimson or Sun Bromeliad; Fascicularia bicolor

September 2013; Croton; Codiæum variegatum

August 2013; Hibiscus; Hibiscus species

July 2013; edible Bellflowers; Campanula species

June 2013; Ellwood Lawson-Cypress; Chamæcyaris Lawsoniana 'Ellwoodii'

May 2013; Yams; Dioscorea species

April 2013; Shrubby Gromwell; Glandora prostrata miscalled: Lithodora diffusa

March 2013; Youth-on-Age; Tolmiea Menziesii

February 2013; edible Crocus; Crocus species

January 2013; Velvet Plants; Gynura species and hybrids

December 2012; Kunming Knotweed; Polygonum microcephalum var. sphaerocephalum 'Kunming'

November 2012; Turkish White Skullcap; Scutellaria albida

October 2012; The notably few Edible Gesneriads

September 2012; Sichuan Arborvitæ or Thuja; Thuja sutchuenensis

August 2012; Love-in-a-Mist and Black Seed; Nigella spp.

July 2012; Japanese Ginger in Seattle; Zingiber Mioga

June 2012; Edible Elephant-Ear Plants; Alocasia species

May 2012; Peanuts in Seattle

April 2012; Vegetables in Seattle

March 2012; three rare Germander species

February 2012; Weedy Violets in Seattle

January 2012; Chaya or Mayan Tree-Spinach; Cnidoscolus aconitifolius

December 2011; Pineapple Guava; Acca Sellowiana

October 2011; Pacific Yew in Seattle; Taxus brevifolia

September 2011; Peruvian Peppertrees in Seattle; Schinus Molle

August 2011; Devil's Club; Oplopanax horridus

July 2011; Mount Ætna Broom; Genista ætnensis

May 2011; Peanut-butter Fruit or Plant; Bunchosia

April 2011; China Doll; Radermachera sinica

March 2011; Autumn Cyclamen; Cyclamen hederifolium

February 2011; Edible succulents in a wheel planter

January 2011; Dudleya in Seattle

December 2010; Pilea houseplants

November 2010; Sweet Potatoes in Seattle; Ipomoea Batatas

October 2010; Pacific Rhododendron; Rhododendron macrophyllum

September 2010; Heartleaf Ice-Plant; Mesembryanthemum cordifolium

August 2010; Carolina Hemlock; Tsuga caroliniana

July 2010; Japan's largest trees --Part Two

June 2010; Wild Strawberry; Fragaria vesca

May 2010; Puget Sound Juniper; Juniperus maritima

April 2010; Weeping Hemlock Trees in Seattle; Tsuga canadensis f. pendula

March 2010; Chinese Money Maple; Dipteronia sinensis

February 2010; Flannel Bush; Fremontodendron 'California Glory'

January 2010; South Esk Pine; Callitris oblonga

December 2009; Yellow Lily-Tree; Magnolia Ernestii = Michelia Wilsonii

November 2009; Banyalla; Pittosporum bicolor

October 2009; Yellow-horn Tree; Xanthoceras sorbifolium

September 2009; Hemsley Snowbell-Tree; Styrax Hemsleyanus

August 2009; Seattle native tree hybrids

July 2009; Black Mulberry-Tree; Morus nigra

June 2009; Bottlebrush shrubs; Callistemon in Seattle

May 2009; Mrs. Davidson's Photinia

April 2009; Ferns Gone Wild

March 2009; Chocolate-scented flowers

February 2009; Catalina Currant; Ribes viburnifolium

January 2009; Pipli Tree; Exbucklandia populnea

December 2008; Elephant Bush; Portulacaria afra

November 2008; Incense Cedar; Calocedrus decurrens

October 2008; Hybrid Elms in Seattle; Ulmus cultivars

September 2008; Chilean Fire-tree; Embothrium coccineum

August 2008; Afghan Fig; Ficus Johannis ssp. afghanistanica

June 2008; Old Wood; Leucosidea sericea

May 2008; Zanthoxylum trees and shrubs

April 2008; Japan's largest trees

March 2008; Manzanita; Arctostaphylos Manzanita

February 2008; Beargrass; Xerophyllum tenax

January 2008; Barbujana Laurel; Apollonias Barbujana

December 2007; Parsley; Petroselinum crispum

November 2007; Dog Rose; Rosa canina

October 2007; Grape; Vitis vinifera and hybrids --in Seattle

September 2007; Daphne --in Seattle

August 2007; Geranium; Geranium 'Jolly Bee' and RozanneTM.

July 2007; Ehretia Trees; Ehretia spp.

June 2007; Madeira Vine; Anredera cordifolia

May 2007; Trevo Tree; Dasyphyllum diacanthoides

April 2007; Fringecups (& kin in Seattle); Tellima grandiflora

March 2007; Cuckoo Flower; Cardamine pratensis

February 2007; Italian Buckthorn; Rhamnus Alaternus

January 2007; Douglas Fir; Pseudotsuga Menziesii

December 2006; Orange-bark Myrtle; Luma apiculata

November 2006; 'Golden Treasure' Sweetgum; Liquidambar Styraciflua 'Golden Treasure'

October 2006; Torrey Pine; Pinus Torreyana

September 2006; Chilean Wineberry; Aristotelia chilensis

August 2006; Sesame; Sesamum indicum

July 2006; Eucalyptus Dalrympleana; Eucalyptus Dalrympleana

June 2006; Scarlet Runner Bean; Phaseolus coccineus

May 2006; Alexanders; Smyrnium Olusatrum

April 2006; Azara; Azara spp.

March 2006; South African Persimmon Shrub; Diospyros austro-africana

February 2006; Black Hawthorn; Cratægus Douglasii

January 2006; Soapbark Tree; Quillaja Saponaria

July 2005; Wattle; Acacia

June 2005; Tamarisk; Tamarix

May 2005; Spindle Tree; Euonymus europæus

April 2005; Japanese Flowering Cherries in Seattle; Prunus cultivars

March 2005; Japanese Apricot; Prunus Mume

February 2005; Tall Trees in Seattle

January 2005; Yew Pine; Podocarpus macrophyllus

December 2004; Summer Holly; Comarostaphylis diversifolia

November 2004; Nut-sedge; Cyperus esculentus

October 2004; Hopbush; Dodonæa viscosa

September 2004; Canyon Live Oak; Quercus chrysolepis

August 2004; Mexican Plum; Prunus mexicana

July 2004; Cat Thyme; Teucrium Marum

June 2004; Evergreen Dogwood; Cornus capitata

May 2004; Savory-Scented Thyme; Thymus pannonicus

April 2004; Chilean Hazel; Gevuina Avellana

March 2004; Forget Me Not; Myosotis spp.

February 2004; Cutleaf Tanoak; Lithocarpus densiflorus f. attenuato-dentatus

January 2004; Wintergreen; Gaultheria procumbens

December 2003; 'Gibbs' Golden Gage' Crabapple; Malus 'Gibbs' Golden Gage'

November 2003; Urbanite Ash®; Fraxinus americana Urbanite®

October 2003; Water Pepper; Polygonum Hydropiper

September 2003; Briançon Apricot; Prunus brigantina

August 2003; Toothache Plant; Acmella oleracea

July 2003; Hummingbird Mints; Agastache

June 2003; Fairy Crassula; Crassula multicava

May 2003; Coast Redwood; Sequoia sempervirens

April 2003; Yellow Archangel; Lamium Galeobdolon

March 2003; Celery; Apium graveolens

February 2003; Sweetbay; Magnolia virginiana

January 2003; Evergreen Huckleberry; Vaccinium ovatum

December 2002; Oca; Oxalis tuberosa

November 2002; Ornamental Crabapples; genus Malus

October 2002; Cascara; Rhamnus Purshiana

September 2002; Rocket

August 2002; Oregon Grape; Mahonia Aquifolium

July 2002; Hardy Ice Plants

June 2002; Banana Shrub; Michelia Figo

May 2002; Sorrel

April 2002; Bigleaf Maple; Acer macrophyllum

March 2002; Bittercress

February 2002; Cold-hardy Eucalyptus

January 2002; Scented Geraniums

December 2001; Osmanthus x Fortunei 'San José'

Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert
Arthur Lee Jacobson plant expert

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